Bridging the financial gap for SMEs.

Welcome to B2B Capital Limited.

We are a private equity firm focused primarily on investing in, or acquiring privately-owned SMEs in diverse industries such as technology, consumer goods, agri-business, financial services, hospitality,fashion and retail that carry out their business operations in Nigeria.

“I had a great experience with B2B Capital”

Rotimi LawalCEO, Rotex Ventures

B2B Will invest in SMEs;

  • With strong financial records with sustainable profit margins.
  • With charismatic and energetic promoters with satisfactory leadership/management skills.
  • With unique value proposition and high demand for its products/services.
  • Driven by innovative ICT solutions to ensure better service delivery and increase market reach.
  • Offer value with significant impact towards societal development, creating jobs and delivering quality product and service.

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